Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Readers Ask About Painting The Invisible Man - 2

DJJohnston: Are the characters Sophia and Greg Haynes really members of your family?

Yup! Sophia and Greg are, in actuality, Terri and Jim McGraw. Some of you may know Terri as TV's Mrs. Fixit. She is also the author of Mrs. Fixit Easy Home Repair and Mrs. Fixit Pantry Power.(You can see I am quite proud of her!)

Jim McGraw was indeed the defense attorney for the man accused of murdering my father. Jim and Terri met and married several years after the trials.


  1. Wishing you the very best on this Thanksgiving day! :)

    J. Kaye

  2. If I didn't know this was true that element of the story would almost be unbelievable.