Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Key to Stress Management

The key to stress management is being able to recognize your body’s response to emotional conditions and then to take steps to minimize or alleviate the stress triggers.

A good tool is to keep a stress-awareness journal. This will help you recognize where your body stores tension. The more aware you become of your body’s reaction to stress, the better you will be able to take steps to reduce the stress and metabolize the harmful buildup of stress hormones in your body.

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*From Live A Flourishing Life

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

About Live A Flourishing Life

Live A Flourishing Life is the result of melding my three professions -- adjunct Philosophy professor, stress management and resilience-building trainer, and writer.

In June, Bay Path College (where I teach Philosophy) tapped me to teach a Stress Management course in their One-Day-A-Week Saturday Program. Since this was the first offering of the course, I was literally writing the workbook as we went along.

However... I did not want the book to be solely a classroom text. And so I created Live A Flourishing Life for anyone to use on one's own, or together with private coaching sessions, or workshop/lecture. The book includes a progressive relaxation and mindful breathing techniques CD Relax and Flourish. (Order your copy here.)

What qualified me to write this book and offer these programs?

Since 2008, I have been working as a stress management trainer for WorkTerrain, presenting programs throughout the Commonwealth to organizations and municipalities via Dept. of Industrial Accidents grants. (To learn more about WorkTerrain's Safety Programs go to

And for the past five years, I have been working with Dr. Ron Breazeale as he developed the "Duct Tape Isn't Enough" resilience "Train-the-Trainer" program, initially developed for First Responders, and now being offered nationwide. (To learn more about Resilience Coaching programs go to

Details on the Live A Flourishing Life™ workshop/lecture series and coaching sessions in future blogs postings.

Have a joyful day everyone...

We Simply Must Get A Handle On This...

I posted this video for KidsTerrain. It is a remarkable story of courage. Share the message...