Friday, April 1, 2011

Just For Today...

As many of my readers and students are aware I believe in the kaizen approach, that is, on making little changes on a regular basis. Kaizen is about finding new, creative and effective ways to improve one’s life…from tackling the mundane to managing our stress, to attaining our life vision.

So just for today, I will focus on living this day positively. I will seek out an inspirational quote or a few paragraphs that will guide me, or I will watch a short video clip that will inspire me to take a positive action.

What will you do for yourself, just for today?

Have a joyful day everyone. And remember to live a flourishing life.

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What I learned today...

There are three distinct kinds of happiness: the Pleasant Life (pleasures), the Good Life (engagement), and the Meaningful Life. The first two are subjective, but the third is at least partly objective and lodges in belonging to and serving what is larger and more worthwhile than the just the self's pleasures and desires.

Authentic Happiness synthesizes all three traditions: The Pleasant Life is about happiness in Hedonism's sense. The Good Life is about happiness in Desire's sense, and the Meaningful Life is about happiness in Objective List's sense.

Authentic Happiness further allows for the "Full Life," a life that satisfies all three criteria of happiness.

Excerpt from Authentic Happiness

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