Monday, February 2, 2009

More From The Writer's Block...

Point to keep in mind:
Every genre of writing answers questions and has moral value.
Every book has Content (duh!), but Content requires structure or form to shape it.

STRUCTURE is the organization of these events.

Beginning – set up the story, get the reader’s attention, establish the situation/goal

Middle – conflicts (Growth/life lessons) that lead to crisis (need for change, action, decisions)

End – resolution: Works with stories that reflect back over periods of time

SET-UP - create a sense of unity. Lay undertones that guide the reader, set-up for what will happen or influence.

SPINE – another big event that motivates reader to achieve a goal; when the character becomes fully committed. Includes Conscious objective and Unconscious desire – (more powerful, durable – reaches down to innermost self.)

Catalyst - (a turning point, yes) sparks the reader’s goal, mission, need, problem, desire

Resolution - Climax

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