Friday, February 20, 2009

Shows in the "Talk To Me..." Archives

Didn't get a chance to tune in to "Talk To Me..." some weeks? Here are links to shows in the "Talk To Me..." archives. Simply click on the guest's name.

Dr Mardy Grothe, author of Oxymoronica, Never Let A Fool Kiss You Or A Kiss Fool You, Viva la Repartee, and I Never Metaphor I Didn't Like

Lisa Genova, author of the New York Times Bestseller, Still Alice.

Nationally syndicated television and radio easy home repair guru, Mrs. Fixit!

Bill Widmeier, owner of Alternatives For Health Wellness Center

Renee Giroux, producer of the BTR show "Coffee With An Author" and creator of the social media web site for book lovers,

Erica Ferencik, satirist and author of Cracks In The Foundation.

Dennis McCurdy, author of the newly released 52 Ways To Find A Way and Find A Way: A Guide To Getting The Most Out Of Life.

Carol Goodrow, founding editor of KidsRunning.Com and author/illustrator of Happy Feet, Healthy Food, Your Child's First Journal of Exercise and Healthy Eating, The Treasure of Health and Happiness, and Kids Running: Have Fun, Get Faster & Go Farther.

Actor Gary Galone, seen on Showtime’s “Brotherhood” “Law & Order” and in upcoming Martin Scorsese film “Ashecliffe.”

Young adult fantasy author Shawn Cormier.

Arlette Gaffrey author of A World of His Own: In The Land of the Creoles.

Attorney Jane Woodworth of the Law Office of Woodworth and Frisella will discuss her niche practice of corporate collections.

Doris Ann Bridgehouse, numerologist and holistic psychic.

Janina Chung, author of Far East of The Sun.

Denny Griffin, discussing his book Las Vegas and The Mob. The National Geographic Channel documentary Vegas Mafia was based largely on his book.

Artist Michelle DeMarco.

Latin guitar legend Eddie Benitez.

Catherine Paris, author of Modern Day Slavery: Human Trafficking Revealed.

Actor/writer/hurricane hunter Tom Barnes. Tom's books include: Hurricane Hunters, The Goring Collection, and Doc Holliday's Road to Tombstone.

Psychologist/author Ron Breazeale will be talking about the politics of fear versus the politics of hope, and the role of resilience.

Author and poet Tasha Halpert.

Musical duo Fiske and Herrera

Rebecca Lerwill, author of Relocating Mia.


  1. Hi Rita, how do we creative nut-jobs - I mean, creative, unconventional people :) - offer ourselves up for your radio show?

  2. I will contact you to and set up a time to talk.